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Fuego to drink!

Sun, white-sand beaches and crystal clear sea, the rhythm of the rumba, cigars;  La Habana and  Ron Caney: this is Cuba. After a century and a half of history Ron Caney is still considered one of the best rums in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Thanks to the high quality of raw materials and the wisdom with which the best Cuban “maestros Roneros” have always worked in the distilleries of Santiago de Cuba, Ron Caney gives us intense sensory experiences heating our relaxing moments.

What makes Ron Caney so special?

In Cuba there are more than 120 factories producing rum, but the ones coming from the distillery called Ship of Don Pancho in Santiago de Cuba are different. Why? Firstly because the climate of the city, particularly hot and humid, gives to the sugarcane grown here a different taste and flavour. Ron Caney presents a fruity base produced with a particular type of mango that grows only in an area of Santiago called Caney de la Mercedes; furthermore, the producing process, from the harvesting of sugarcane to the ageing and bottling, is made entirely in Santiago. What makes Ron Caney truly unique is the authentic flavour of a tradition that   time has not affected.

The producing process of this extraordinary rum has been jealously handed down for 150 years and is still  fully handmade, while the only technology inserted in the last 50 years is a bottling and labeling machine.

L'accesso è riservato ai maggiori di 18 anni.

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